I’m not in Toronto. Can we still work together?
Absolutely. We’ve printed lots of invitations just e-meeting our clients. 
We’ll do a bunch of emails, and we can do calls, Skype or Facetime as well. 
Don’t let that stop you if you think we are a good fit for your wedding.
If you are in Toronto and you prefer to meet in person, that’s ok too.
Just email us and we’ll set up a meeting.
What is the first step?
The first step is to make sure you are happy with our style.
We are a minimalist design + print studio and it’s important that this is the style you want to give to your wedding. 
After that, check out our Special Package page and let us know which package you want to go with, and if you want to add anything to your suite.
Then, we will make sure the estimate is revised to your needs, and once it’s approved, we’ll start the creation stage, where you will share with us references of what you like and what you don’t, and we’ll start creating for you.
How many invitations should I order?
You should order one invite per address you have, but we totally recommend having at least 10-15 extra invites. These extras will be crucial as you may get some returned in the mail due to a move or a wrong address and last minute guests always pop up! It is always better to have a few extra in the end than too few. It is very expensive to order reprints at a later date - almost as much as printing the first time!
Do you offer envelope addressing?
We sure do! We offer digital calligraphy to match to the exact font on your invitation. It takes about two weeks to have it ready for you, so count that on your planning. If you decide on envelope addressing, we will require that you provide us with your final address list in a Microsoft Word document with absolutely no formatting whatsoever. Any additional addresses provided after the final list is given to us will result in a $25 set up fee. So please be sure that what you give us is the ultimate final!
How long does it take from design to printing?
In a nutshell, it usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks, but let us tell you more...
Once we have received your signed contract, text and non-refundable deposit, we can begin the most exciting part- the design. We will ask you to provide us with references of things you like and dislike, and then we will start working on your design. It takes about 2 weeks for the first round of designs. It usually takes 2 rounds until we have the design ready to print. Depending on which printing method you chose, we will have a proof for your approval. If you chose letterpress, then we ask for 3 weeks to have them ready for you. These are just typical timelines. We can work with you on a more aggressive schedule if you wish. Just let us know the date you want your invitations in hand and we can work backwards from there. Rush orders can also be processed if the need arrives.