Wedding Sets

We know planning can be a challenge task for some.
Let us guide you through it.
We will make sure we create the most beautiful wedding set for you within your budget.

First step is taking a look at the packages below, and letting us know which one you think will fit your needs.

It’s all about the invite - starting from $6 per piece
This package includes a 5x7” single flat invitation and envelopes.
That’s it.
No RSVP needed. You’ll have your website address on the bottom of the invitation and your guests will confirm online.
Simple as that.
Granny doesn’t have a computer - starting from $8
We know most granny’s don’t use a computer. At least not like we do.
So you really need a piece of paper for granny to mail it back to you, or let’s be honest, you just love the idea of having a RSVP card.
We get it.
This package includes 1 flat 5x7” invitation + 1 flat 3x5” RSVP card + envelopes for each piece.
Sorry, we are not so basic - starting from $10
So you want the invite + RSVP + a third piece of information, which can be the Save the Date, or a Details card or a Thank You card for after the wedding (you’ll let us know which one you need).
Ok. That’s fine. That’s what you’ll get.
This third piece will be a A2 Baronial size and you can have whatever info you need in it.
Not enough?
Oh good!
As strong believers that your wedding invite sets up the tone of your wedding for you and your guests, we love if you choose to be really remarkable.
We also hear often from our clients that family and friends tell them that they often don’t keep wedding invites, but they kept theirs!
The idea that this piece of paper will be kept for future memories really speak to us. We love it!
Here are a few other things you can add to your package.
  • Envelope liner
  • Invite backing
  • Embellishments ( ribbon, wax seals, rhinestones, etc)
  • Extra cards
  • Double sided card printing
  • Envelope printing  (RSVP, Return, and Guest)
Why starting from?
The starting from prices are based on what is described in each package, and they are printed digitally, or matte heavy card stock.
Also they are based on a minimum of 100 pieces per item. But don’t worry, if you have a small wedding and you don’t need it as much, just let us know. 100 is just to give everybody a baseline.
Because as much as we want to try to make this process straight forward to you, there are factors that can change the price quite a lot.
Let’s suppose you are happy with ‘It’s all about the invite’ package, but you want it in a pocketful, or you want a ribbon on it, or a wax seal with your initials.
Or you are a letterpress fanatic (like us), and you want the invite letterpress printed.
These are factors that will change the price. Whatever change or add on you want to do, we will send you the estimate for your analyze and work from there.
If you are happy with the digitally printed on matte paper invites, then you won’t have any surprises on cost. The price is what is there, just multiply it by the number of invites you have (if you need less than 100 let us know).