First of all, thank you for considering working with us.

We are a small studio based in Toronto, Ontario, and we love printing cards.

We think cards are a vehicle for love, good news, friendship, forgiveness, and all the things we need more in this world.

All of our available cards are posted on our website, so our website is our most updated catalog.
Here is some important info:

  • We require a minimum of 6 cards per design, per order
  • If you are in Toronto, and this is your first order, we will drop off your first order. It’s just a good excuse to meet you in person! From the second order on we have a shipping flat rate of $10 per order
  • They all come with an envelope, and inserted in a clear plastic bag ready for your shelves.

There are two ways to order:

  1. You can email us and get a wholesale code, which you will use in our website, and after you have all the cards you want in your basket you will use this code to bring the cost to wholesale cost
  2. You can email me with the list of the cards you want to lu@uppercasepress.com, and I will send you a confirmation and an invoice.

Once I received your order and payment, they will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

Also, please remember that ink colours and paper colours may vary.
We love to explore different options. That helps our creative juices to keep flowing, however we guarantee the quality of paper and print will always be the same.

Don’t hesitate to email me, if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for letting me share my love for letterpress with you and your customers. I appreciate your support.

Founder & Print Maker

Oh, and we apologize, but we don't do consignment.