An #YEG Gem: Pura Botanicals


You know when you went to something special when you feel so excited before going to bed that you can't sleep, and when you wake up thinking about what happened the night before. 

That's what happened to me this morning.

Yesterday I had the honour to be invited to Pura Botanical's Harvest Garden Soiree. Lane, the beautiful soul and heart behind Pura, started telling us about her journey, and how a scent can bring back so many memories, and how that had impacted her life.

She shared with us the 3 different notes a perfume must has, and invited us to spent some time smelling different natural oils, and writing down the ones we loved the most. 

Lane helped each one of us to nail down the notes we had selected, and created a formula for us of our own signature scent, which we had the opportunity to mix with our own hands.

What an unique experience, right here on downtown Edmonton! If you haven't heard of Pura Botanicals before, check them out. They create the most beautiful and pure skin care products and custom perfumes.

Lane is not only an amazing dedicated entrepreneur, but I also have the honour to call her a good friend. I wish that she keeps living her dream, and bringing so much light to people around her.

Lane does one-on-one sessions for custom scents. Check out her website if you are interested in setting up an appointment, and enjoy the opportunity to choose the scents that represent you.

I'm beyond inspired!