I'm a big fan of all small little gestures!

I pay attention to such little things my friends and family can't even understand. I even wish I could be more detailed, but things slip trough my fingers more than I wish they did.

One thing that I love is sending is Thank-You cards. I make sure I send a little note with every order I get. Even if sometimes I'm not too inspired, there is always something little to be said. 

I'm reading a book written by the a lady who was the Chief of Staff to Jackie Kennedy at The White House. 

At some point at the book she mentions how Jackie epitomized the broadest definition of the word Taste. She said that for every gift, every lunch or dinner she attended, she either wrote notes by hand or had her Chief of Staff drafting a thank-you note for her signature. 

Every single item was acknowledged.

Jackie wrote notes of encouragement to friends who were hospitalized, and letters of congratulations to friends when their babies were born. Her notes were charming, she says in the book. 

"It takes someone of taste to realize how much words of support and encouragement mean to those on the receiving end". I think this is my favourite sentence in the whole book. 

I know that nowadays most people don't send anything on the mail anymore (yay for us cards and stationery lovers!). We could make a parallel to those Thank-You Notes with the technology we use today, couldn't we? The emails we don't respond, the texts we forget, the likes we don't give, the comment we choose not to write. We have no idea how much that would mean for those on the receiving end, eh?

I hope we can make time for these things. If this is how we are interacting now, if this is a strong way that we can show our love and support. Let's do it! Don't forget: Silence also sends a message.