It feels good

I've been refilling all sorts of things from a local, independent shop. Things like shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion, laundry and dish detergent. It feels so right to do it. The less amount of waste we've been producing is incredible, and it's just the two of us in my household. It blows my mind to think the amount of waste in a home with more people. 

We are located in the West side of Toronto, and these are the shops we've been going for refill: Canary & Fox and Pretty Clean Shop.

I'm writing this post in December 2020 and we're currently in lockdown because of Covid, so now they are not accepting that you bring your own bottles. They give you glass jars filled with the product you need and when you need a refil you switch it for another full glass jar and they care of the empty returned one for you. But hopefully soon again you will be able to bring your own containers.

Have you been doing it too? Any places to recommend in Toronto or in your city? What other sustainable habits you have in your home?