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Very interesting video about the invention of the books. July 16 2016

Click here, and enjoy.

New beginning June 10 2016

I am definitely a terrible blogger.

Last time I blogged was to talk about moving the studio to a collaborative studio space. Over six months ago... here I am... talking about moving the studio back home...

Yes... Today is my first day working from home again. And I kinda like it...

The decision to move the studio back home was mainly because I have been using the big Chandler & Price I have been siting on my garage for over a year. I think I was afraid to use it, to be honest, but I was forced to 2 months ago for a project and now I love it. So I tried to juggle between two studios for a while, but it was a little overwhelming, so I decided to move everything back home.

The Chandler & Price I have at home, is the Pearl model (below). It is huge and heavy, and I could move it to studio, but it would need a few adjustments that I can't afford now.

So I hope it's a good move. I think so...


Thoughts on 2015 December 29 2015


As I open the door of the studio to what it will be my last printing job of the year, I feel a very strong feeling in my heart, a good one.

It made me stop and think what a roller coaster this year was. But what an amazing one.

And it is exactly like a roller coaster, you fear it so-much, and then when you decide to get in and fasten your seat belt and go, it’s pure adrenaline, and at the end you can’t help yourself but laughing, and feeling so much joy!

Looking around is crazy. Not even 3 years ago I thought any of these would be possible. Quitting my previous career, starting something completely new, sharing a studio with two super creative peeps. It’s almost too good to be true.

Looking back I’m happy the year is almost over. None of these came easy or for free. I am exausted. I worked my arse off, as my friend D usually says. I lost many things, I gained a bunch of others. I’m happy that even in the middle of the tornado I could treat people with consideration and respect, even though I know there are some folks out there who misinterpret things and will never give me the opportunity to know what it was. I’m learning to accept this.

I’m excited for the new year. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

And I thank you all for being a supporter, and for following this adventure with me.

Yours truly, Lu

An #YEG Gem: Pura Botanicals October 09 2015


You know when you went to something special when you feel so excited before going to bed that you can't sleep, and when you wake up thinking about what happened the night before. 

That's what happened to me this morning.

Yesterday I had the honour to be invited to Pura Botanical's Harvest Garden Soiree. Lane, the beautiful soul and heart behind Pura, started telling us about her journey, and how a scent can bring back so many memories, and how that had impacted her life.

She shared with us the 3 different notes a perfume must has, and invited us to spent some time smelling different natural oils, and writing down the ones we loved the most. 

Lane helped each one of us to nail down the notes we had selected, and created a formula for us of our own signature scent, which we had the opportunity to mix with our own hands.

What an unique experience, right here on downtown Edmonton! If you haven't heard of Pura Botanicals before, check them out. They create the most beautiful and pure skin care products and custom perfumes.

Lane is not only an amazing dedicated entrepreneur, but I also have the honour to call her a good friend. I wish that she keeps living her dream, and bringing so much light to people around her.

Lane does one-on-one sessions for custom scents. Check out her website if you are interested in setting up an appointment, and enjoy the opportunity to choose the scents that represent you.

I'm beyond inspired! - Northern Sensibility June 24 2015

There are not so many fashion blogs out there with focus on men's fashion and style.
It's great to have a good-looking blog written by Edmontonians. 
It's even greater when I have the chance to print their business cards.

All blind print in 100% cotton paper.
It's a proof that less is more.

What an impact.

Check them out here.


Collaborations that make us all grow June 12 2015

When I started Uppercase Press I figured that collaborations would be an awesome way to make new connections, spread the word about my work, and support others artists while they are supporting me.

I've collaborated with a few different artists and shops so far, but my collaboration with Poppy Barley is on the top of my list of fun collaborations.

It feels awesome to see that both sides are investing time and energy on it, and those things can only bring mutual admiration and respect.

Poppy Barley folks are busy bees, but they find the time to real partners, which is so important nowadays where everybody blames the busy life to not reply a phone call or an email message.

Love collaborating with these guys!

Check them out here. If you are looking for a great quality custom-made shoes, Poppy Barley is the place to go.


Je ne sais what? Free Printable July 08 2014

Be my guest, get this free printable, and enjoy!